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This stuff is a worthless ripoff. It does not work at all.

$120 down the drain. I want my money back Holly!

LIPOZENE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried the product without any results. Sent empty containers back in, as instructed, and as of today, they claim they have not received my return.

Stupid me did not certify the return so I have no proof, other than if the product had worked, I'd still be ordering it.

This was a lesson that cost me $120 but it was one well learned.

Thanks to Lipozene, I'll never trust this online guarantees anymore. I hope the makers and the people sell this product can sleep at night knowing their only in it to rip people off....

Product or Service Mentioned: Lipozene Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Maybe you should just spend 5 minutes on the internet and look up the supposed study and/or look up actual facts about the ingredients before wasting your money on quack remedies.


I, too, bought Lipozene and didn't even finish the bottle. Fortunately, I was able to get a complete refund from the store where I bought it.

Call me gullible, but I kind of believed Rodney and Holly Peete. I don't think the pills really work and they are large and difficult to swallow, as well, even with adequate water.


Rodney Pete is *** helping to scam and take advantage of people.


The only one dietary supplement that actually worked to cut fat and weight loss was Hydroxycut pre-2004 reformulation. Since the FDA clamped down on dietary supplements since then, all these products like Lipozene are all the same.

They won't do anything.

You need to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to burn the fat and lose weight. There is no miracle diet pill.


You know, You can't find actual owners of LIPOZENE. Just tight info on corporation that owns company.

Started thinking HOLLY ROBINSON PETE AND RODNEY PETE probably own the company.

Otherwise why would they continue to do the scam commercials? JUST WONDERING IF THEY GOT SCAMMED THEMSELVES AND SUNK ALL THEIR MONEY IN THIS COMPANY?


No more effective than taking gelatin


Couldn't agree more. Like Rodney and Holly Pete needed the money they received from Lipozene for their endorsement.

They have fans out there that buy the product specifically because they endorse it.

For them to take advantage of their fans is so sad!!!! SHAME ON YOU RODNEY AND HOLLY PETE!!!!


Oh quit complaining! Do you believe every celebrity hawking something?

If you do the problem is you! Infomercials are a scam. All of them. The gullible are taken advantage of!

No one forces you to buy anything!

Your insecurites about weight made you believe and buy. Take responsiblity for your believing every on TV.


You still should not be taken advantage of and rodney and Holly don't care about anybody but self


Really sad at one of my football heros Rodney Pete and wife Holly what scam/ripoff is lipozene. DO NOT BUY!