Phoenix, Arizona
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I was so excited about this product...maybe this will work...took me 2 weeks to get it through the mail. I called on the 30th day to cancel and couldn't get through on the phone or on their website...they sent me an email saying the product was shipped AGAIN when I tried to cancel.

I called the next day and they said it had shipped and there was nothing I could do about it...I HAD TO PAY.....what a RIP the way...didn't work ...gained 2pds during this time. DON"T ORDER FROM TIME!!!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Blame blame blame! That's all I hear here!

Blame, blame, blame! There are no shortcuts to weight loss. These people prey on gullibility and desperation. What do you expect when you get ripped off!

They told you what you wanted to hear. No exercise. Eat the foods you want. You eat less and exercizeexercize and stop depending on stupid pills.

Simple and free! You didn't gain overnight you won't lose it over night. Stop being so gullible and looking for the easy way out! Oh shame on you, you're rude and nasty!

Rude or nasty for saying the truth? Don't think so!

Los Angeles, California, United States #764570

Someone should sue the shizz out of Lipozene, they are big time crooks !!!

Newport, Tennessee, United States #702643

It should be fraud for the lipozene company to get on t.v an make false statements on there product its *** it don't work its a rip off.they should take there bottled *** off t.v or be truthful about it

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