i called lipozene and asked if my wife would get the free stuff as well as me the lady said she would have to put in my information to find that out so i gave her my info. soon after she started trying to get me to buy a super pacage i said no n i wanna cancel this order i dont want this product at which time the lady said ok goodbye several days later i received lipozene and was like wtf why did they send this and they better not of charged me so i called them n they did charge me i told them i was going to return it the person said heres are return phone number they tryed to get me to keep it he said try it if u dont like it return the empty bottle i said NO he said o ok well if u want to return it i need u to open it and put this info, in it i said NO give me the info.

ill put the box and the info. n a new box then i hung up after i found out the info.he wanted in it was my address on box already my name on box already and a number i wrote on outside of box i then took it to the post office the post office gave me a refused delivery number so i called lipozene again with the number the post office said they would put my money back NOW but when i called they said by putting fefused on it i wouldnt get my money for 4 to 6 weeks i want compensation.

Monetary Loss: $31.

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