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I took lipozene and dropped 10 lbs, simple as that... maybe it was because I didn't start stuffing my face like an *** with fast food because I believed in a "miracle pill" and actually stuck to a diet, and continued to eat normal healthy balanced meals?

who knows, all I know is this contributed to ending the plateau I seemed to be stuck on from working out.

After 3 weeks of taking lipozene and continuing my regular exercise I managed to get down to my goal weight with ease.

Don't be *** and think you can just eat junk food while taking this and still lose weight. smh.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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*** employee


It must be hard being miserable all the time.


You must be an employee or related to one. the way you came off insulting these people strongly suggest that.

How do you know what other people do are you at their home ? so for you to sit back and talk *** to people is wrong and you are an *** !

to Anonymous #988414

I agree with you completly . .


You took the words right out of my mouth.. You couldn't of said that any better then you did ..

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