Raemon, North Carolina
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I have used Lipozene and I got mines from Walmart and I was 275 and in 6months I was 189 and I can say it do work ppl if you still pig in out then yes the phat gonna come back.....But a lesson to learn NEVER EVER order anything with you credit or bank card my three year old no that.... But we all entitled to a say so be bless......

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Learn the English language / proper grammar.

Cambridge, Maryland, United States #885516

Wow is that *** even English? Obviously you are black...

But wow, I have never seen such needless slaughter of the language as what is shown here...

I was just here reading reviews but couldn't resist posting a response to this one... Again, WOW!

to Chef21613 #979219

"Obviously you are black" wow!!!!


I hope that your three year old learns more grammar than you.


Oh my god please speak english. If you are going to post comments for others to read you could at least make them understandable.

Stop using all the Ebonics and learn real grammer. Nobody wants to sit there and try to comprehend what you are trying to say it is mind numbing.

to Anonymous #865658

Please, Anonymous. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but you if you are going to call someone out on their spelling, make sure you are practice what you preach.

Know what punctuation goes where, and what words deserve capitalization. And, of all things, you misspelled "grammar".

to Anonymous #890758

Everyone quit judging.

to Anonymous #893027

I rely on these posts to confirm the fact that too many people are uneducated. STAY IN SCHOOL.

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