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I have been receiving a 2 month supply, at least every month, if not 2 shipments in Dec 2015. I called today to request a refund, and to cancel any future shipments and charges. I was told that I can cancel the future shipments, but I cannot get a refund. That only the original order can be returned for a refund. Not any orders after that.

I said that I’m sure that the BBC would probably welcome my call. He said, “oh, well if you are going to call the BBB, then let me put you through to a supervisor.

I spoke with the supervisor. I think that he said his name is Mr. GABE? He said the same thing as the first person. But, he agreed to a one time refund of the last package of a 2 month supply. He said that I don’t need an RMA, that that only applies to the initial order. I accepted the offer to return one pkg and the refund of the first payment for it, $30. (Monthly, I receive 2 bottles, if not 4 bottles, and my card is charged 2 payments of $30 for each of the 2 bottle supply.)

I read their FAQ regarding their return policy. It says that they guarantee each shipment, and that ANYONE PILLS SENT BY ORI (DBA LIPOZENE) MAY BE RETURNED FOR A REFUND!

THEIR ONLINE POLICY IS NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD BY THE SUPERVISOR! I’m totally disgusted with their customer service, and that they obviously are a fraud, to me, and will say anything to prevent you from getting any money back. What do I need to do to get my money back?


Product or Service Mentioned: Lipozene Pills.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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All I can say is that it Doesn't work. Realm don't waist your money and put your health at risk. What works is a healthy diet and exercise.


I never got my order and when I called to get someone on the phone all I got was a recorded message which didn't give .me the option to talk to a live person. I really feel ripped off. .....

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