Baltimore, Maryland

I Purchased Lipozene and it did not work. I followed the directions and I exercised.

I used it for over a month and lost nothing. They offer a money back in 30days and I was just over that and they would not give me any money back. I was forced to pay $150. on something that does not work.

They threatened to send me to collections if I didn't pay. So save your money this is a scam which gives you false hopes. The phone operators are very rude.

They will not prorate the price even if you send left overs back.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #938094

I buyed lipozene like 2 years ago that thing doesn't work at all I buyed the like 12 bottles the more buy the more save and I just gave my money for free to that company will never buy lipozene and I am telling all my friends that don't waste their money it don't work Scam Scam Lipozene


I agree. I tried this product and gained weight. I would not recommend this product to anyone and wish they would take it off the market

Providence, Rhode Island, United States #859681

I have been useing lipozene for two months have not lost any weight been buying from cvs try calling customer service for lipozene the rude rep said that there was nothing she could do because i bought it at cvs this product is bs i think that all who have been scam should get together and sue their *** for giving people faulse hope

Los Angeles, California, United States #764569

The only way to loose weight is to eat lower portions of food, cut carbs/fat/sugar and walk to get those calories used and burn the fat. Pills do not help and Lipozene should be put out of circulation , they are such liars :sigh

Los Angeles, California, United States #764566

Why hasn't Lipozene been sued yet, they are such a scam :(


I agree completely. I followed the instructions on Lipozene and saw no results after a month.

I think good old working out and diet will be the way for me.

It is really difficult to lose the weight since I became an insulin dependent diabetic. I was hoping Lipozene might help, but my weight didn't budge.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #702193

thank you all for your imput as i was going to buy lipozene until i read you comments thanks

Oxford, Massachusetts, United States #680407

Rip off product. After watching a TV commercial I decided to purchase Lipozene.

One of the reasons is that it didn't contain harmful chemicals, but folks what happened to me can happen to anyone. This product raised my blood pressure so high, I ended up in the ER. Watch out, it also contains a substance that is being investigated as a cancer causing substance. I have tried to get my money back, but guess what, no one answer the phone and no one returns your email response.

I chalk it up to a loss, and almost a very costly loss. Please read this before you go an purchase this product. Exercise and eating right is the only way to lose weight. I learned this the hard way.

Good luck everyone.


I tried Lipozene, though I did not order this over the phone or through the official website. I found this product at my local Wal*Mart for much less than the $150 price tag ordering direct from the company.

I believe I paid $30 for a packages of two bottles with 60 capsules in each bottle. I do watch what I eat, and work out. As a diabetic it's always important for me to maintain a good healthy diet and workout, but I wanted a boost to help lose 20lbs pounds that I was having difficulty getting rid of due to reaching a plateau after diet and exercise (and my diabetic medication) helped me lose the first 30lbs of the 50 extra pounds I had gained since becoming a diabetic after 2 back to back pregnancies with gestational diabetes. I was hoping for just a little help to push me past this plateau but Lipozene did squat.

I used this product for 2 full months and no change, maybe 2lbs loss in that whole time, but I'm chalking that up to my regular good eating habits and my workouts, and diabetic medication NOT the Lipozene. The thing that gets me is the advertising states very clearly- Just take Lipozene...that's it, you can still do what you were doing before and the weight will come off. Now I'm no fool, and I know that's a load of horse pucky, but I thought since I was on a good diet and worked out daily along w/my medications that Lipozene would give me a boost. That it didn't considering my already routine and good habits is very telling to me.

This project is a waste of money. I have, however, found a better solution in something called Raspberry Ketones. It's a metabolic enhancer that has had many studies done on it with great results. It's not a fix all, but added to a good diet and workout it really gave me the boost to lose that extra 20lbs.

It's also a good source of anti-oxidants. And better still: you can get it at any grocery store's health supplement and/or vitamin isle for a very resonable price.


i've been taking lipozene for one month and i have lost 22 pounds. just because its a fat burner doesn't mean u can keep eating faty and starchy foods.

to zee #625713

Except that the commercial eludes to the fact that that is exactly what you *can* do. It says on their commercial you don't have to change anything, just take the Lipozene.

Of course that bucks common sense, but if a company is going to make an outrageous claim like that, it better live up to it's word. That it doesn't means it's a scam.

Period. Your weight loss probably has more to do with your good eating habits and the placebo effect.

to zee Sacramento, California, United States #809089

IT says you don't have to worry about diet. I don't eat like a pig and I work out intensively.

Lipozene not only doesn't help, but I actually lost weight, but lost muscle so I was still chunky. Lipozene gave me side effects as well. I was feeling tired a lot and had sore throats. I had some kind of blockage in my throat making it hard to breathe even though I drank plenty of water.

The along with throat problems, I began to feel gassy and developed chest pains. I immediately stopped taking the pills and threw them away.

I've been getting the body I wanted by continuing to workout and no fast food. That's good that you succeeded with lipozene, but sounds like a whole different pill when you described it.

Hastings, Florida, United States #343578

I have been taking Lipozene for a month and got the same results. I have lost nothing. My suggestion to people is to NOT try it and just keep your money.


First of all, the active ingredient in Lipozene can be bought over the counter for a few bucks depending on the quantity you buy. However, neither the active ingredient and/or Lipozene will make you loose an ounce!

Period! Waste of money. Even Lipozene states you "could" loose 6.5 pounds in 2 months!! WOW!!!

Get real. You will NOT get a refund, you will not loose weight (eat less-no charge$) and you are falling for a scam if you participate!


i have been taking the product for the 8 weeks they say on the commercial and have not lost weight i gained i have been doing all it says to do and nothing has changed just the weight gain this is just another product out there just taking people for there money and giving people false hope to all that think this product works please don't waist your money....


I also agree...Lipozene doesn't work...been using it for a month 1/2 lost nothing!! So rip off!

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