Kent, Connecticut
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I have been on a 1200-1500 calorie diet for 2 years and exercising almost daily. I have lost 75lbs.

For my last 30 or so pounds I thought I would try Lipozene. It comes highly recommended on the TV and radio for those that want to lose 30 or more pounds. I ordered it and was very excited when it arrived. I took the first 30 days worth and didn't lose an ounce.

I followed all the directions carefully, take one-half hour before a meal with a glass of water. That was very annoying. Then I took the second bottle, with the same 1200 calorie diet and exercise and I started gaining weight! Each day another pound.

I got up to 5 pounds and stopped taking them. I called and ordered my diet pills that do work. In 2 days I was down to my starting weight on Lipozene.

Don't believe what you hear. Lipozene is a lousy product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lipozene Pills.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lipozene Cons: Ineffective product, That they rip you off, No weight loss, Regain of weight.

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Idk what people are doing but I’m getting results I love it


I tried it and I too gained weight at around a pound per day. I'm having an extremely hard time trying to get rid of it.


I hole it does work for some people!- I would like to try it myself but the complaints are way too many!!- and that is a turn off for me! So for those who will take the risk anyway- despite these reviews!- good luck!!


I too gained weight on Lipozene. In 2 weeks I gained 10 pounds.


i gained some weight but was staying the same for 2 years . I never had a weight problem all my life until I hit 60. I decided to try lipozene i gained weight only eating 1000 calories.DONT buy this product its a scam.


1,200 calories seems like too much. Unless you're a man.


If you had one that works.....why try Lipozene????


what is that other one that works for you. Do you mind sharing its name ? thank you.


So question what diet pill are u taking that works?


Please don't be so desperate in trying these diet pill gimmicks! You'll hurt your body & metabolism. Just eat everything in MODERATION and you'll be fine.


what diet pills did you order


What diet pill works for you ?


What diet pills work best for you?


What diet pills did you get that worked? Thank you


What are the diet pills you take that do work?


Biotrust Ic5-leptiburn& bellytrim I take faithfully twice a day. Exercise and 1200 cal diet and I feel great. Down another pAnt size.


Maybe you are just ***.

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