Chicago, Illinois

Havent tried the product. Just the commercial is terrible.

Fyi. You can not feel amazing. It is not proper english. What the product does can be amazing,

Lossing weight fast can be amazing.

But you can not feel amazing. Youd have to be touching yourself all over to feel amazing. It just isnt right. Youd think sales would have caught that before spending all that money on advertising.

Doesnt sound like college educated people put the commercial together. Very irritating to listen to bad english.

It doesnt make me feel amazing. LOL

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Waterloo, Iowa, United States #1195765

Before you correct someones make sure you know what you're correcting. You can indeed feel awesome; finding great feelings is the equivalent to feeling awesome; for example if I won the lottery I would feel awesome.


It's equally irritating to see posts that have spelling that makes my skin crawl. Lossing???

You also apparently have no apostrophe on your keyboard.

Watch yourself instead of worrying about feeling amazing, which I do right now. LMAO

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