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I brought lipozene at walgreens for $20.00. I followed it according to the direction and within 2-3 weeks i was down two dress sizes.

It does make you eat less. I also tried to watch what i ate, although i still ate junk food i never exercised. I still lost weight.

What you have to understand is that if you dont change your eating habits when you stop lipozene you will gain the wait back.i would recomend that dont go thru the tv offer if you want to buy it go to wallmart or walgreens. I hope that this helps you.

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You can buy Konjac Root from health frood stores at half the cost. Same quality and most of the time a higher mg only needing 3 capsules 3xday


I loved this product it does work I used it in the pass when I wanted to get an extra boost in losing weighfor a special occassion. My eating habits are great so i just went harder on the exercising.

I usually by the bottles at Walmart. Until I ordered 1 trial order on line and receive 3. When I called their customercare department to return the 2 I didnot need, I was met with opposition and got a rude customer service operator that would not allow me to speak or ask how to return the unwanted bottles.

Once I did the math I could spend $31.84 in Walmart for both the MetaboUp and Lipozene without the hassel of rude customer service and fake orders of $31.30 x 3 from my checking account.

I'm so done with this product. Thinking about trying Sletrokor



I had heard a lot about Sletrokor. I looked at many different brands, and bought this one because had all the requirements I was looking for.

I was ravenous at holiday time and was looking for something to give me more energy and less hunger. For me I find this pill does exactly what I want it to do.

If you need a little help with loosing weight, give this product a try. Great value!


Can you let me know what stores sell sletrokor please?


It's hard to find it in offline store.

I bought it online from http://sletrokor.com