Calgary, Alberta

They stated that you could buy the product, and get another bottle free. When I got my shipment, they charged me over 150.00.

They took it off my credit card. I was choked buy didn't deal with them. Now they are asking me for over 100.00 more, I ignored them, and now they sent me to a collection agency. It's a big rip off company.If you are looking for the main ingrediant, it glucomanan.

It is always best to contact a doctor. This doesn't work.

I can't believe that they are actually asking for more money when they origanally ripped me off. Check out other complaints on other lines as well.

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I had the same problem when trying to cancel my subscription; they kept charging me. I called them to see why, and they said they have no record of me and I'd have to get a hold of my credit card company to find out why I was still getting charged by Lipozene.

I solved the issue by getting a new credit card; however, I didn't think about them sending me a collection agency. I guess I'll soon find out how to deal with that.


I've been curious about lipozene as the tv commercials are very convincing. But, decided to check it out on line and see the comments of real people who've tried it and now see it for the scam it is.

I've opted to eliminate all sugar, starch, and dairy from my diet and just eat fresh veggies,fruit, and protein from fish, meat and nuts instead. So far,in two months time, I've lost nearly 20 lbs.

Best part is that I'm never hungry.