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I have been skeptical about weight loss miracles for a long time . I reached the point that I needed to take a chance because I want/have, to lose weight and due to issues with back surgery, I believed the ad I watched about "Lipozene" was the most hopeful I had seen. I felt that, finally, someone understood my frustration in losing weight and offered hope. I ordered the bottle of Lipozene, along with the "bonus" free metabolism booster. I do not have $40.00 to blow on another "artifice, ruse, or trick devised or used to attain a goal or to gain a an advantage etc. business stratagems. I am a struggling, middle aged female, trying to regain a piece of self-confidence.

I followed the instructions religiously, yet, day after day went by without even 1 lb lost. My regiment was almost gone and I had not yet lost any weight and more defeating, felt such disappointment in myself for spending the money with ZERO RESULTS!!

I will not get my money back, but more injurious, I have no hope or faith in any weight loss program or medicine.

I would like to have the opportunity to say to "Lipozene" marketing, managers and owners, YOU ARE DESTROYING THOSE TRYING TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES WITH YOUR LIES!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lipozene Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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i have had 3 back surgeries i knew i had to lose the weight on my own. i knew i really couldnt get into the gym for the intense pain in my back and the numbness in both my legs.

so i did this and i have lost 70+ lbs without ANY DIET PILLS of ANY KIND!!!!. I still eat what I WANT . Im smart about what I do eat and when I do eat it. I dont eat after 6pm.

unless its a pc of fruit or a veg. i only eat from a childs size plate for lunch and dinner. if it doesnt fit i dont eat it. i have not beena able to per say exercise but i am moving .

you cant sit in front of the tv all day and eat what you want all day and when u want all day and expect to lose. also a big mistake a person that is trying to lose weight does is eats less often thats a big mistake you need to eat less but more often. and it must be good for or more often then not. but its fine to treat yourself to those things we all love.

just be very smart about when you do consume them is all. not everyday of the week and not several time a day is all. you all can do it on your own. Im heading for back surgery number 4 not fun at all.

i have 30 more lbs to go to be at my goal . its taken me 2 yrs to lose this weight but has taken a lifetime to to put it on so im happy with my time frame dont need this fake drug.


Congrats on your progress and good luck on your surgery. You have the right idea about eating healthier and using the child's plate is what I have told friends for a long time.


Anyone who thinks there is a magical weight lose pill is delusional. Eat less, burn more calories.

Try excercising. Try something other than the easy way out.


Ive been where you are friend...Lets be pals and do this together, without Lipozene or any other ripoff product!!! If this sounds good to you, write me at missjanie05@gmail.com Take care, Janie


Buying weight loss stuff is a hit and miss. They can work for some but not for others.

I take it and it works for me. I also exercise a little and eat very healthy. No junk food and no fast food. I prepare all my meals and don't over eat.

I have always ate healthy and couldn't loose weight but the lipozene gave it the push my body needed. Stay strong start with short walks and maybe a 30 challenge.

They have them all over facebook. You can do it!




There is no real weight loss program that is sold on TV. Used to be, you couldn't put stuff on the tube if it wasn't true; those days are gone.

Now, you have to apply a little common sense when it comes to sending your money to people you've never met.

Oh, and you telling these people what low-life *** they are is more waste of your time. They've got your money and they don't care what you think.

You didn't think they took their own useless product, did you?

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