I bought lipozene at walmart and I did what I was suppose to do and Nothing happen. In fact I started at 171 now I weigh 178.

My doctors are telling me to loss weight because I have back problems and my weight is causing more problems.

I'm having trouble breathing so I seen lipozene You see I'm disabled and I can't exersize so I thought I would try lipozene pills. My self asteam is so low I have been suicidle so now I am going to group and I see a therapist to help me deal with my self asteam and I was hoping these pills would have helped me lose weight.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lipozene Pills.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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i do beleive this product is a freakin scam. i even joined a gym and never lost what they claimed .

try gettin a refund. no answer from them. all those comercials are a bunch of lies.

on way did anyone loose 7 lbs in a week. stay away from this product

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #749705

The only way to lose weight IS TO WORK OUT AND EAT RIGHT. Short cuts like pills are for the ignorant.

If you're disabled it does not mean you cannot exercise. You're just using it as an excuse not too. The only way to achieve anything is by putting in the work required to achieve it.

Unfortunately you represent THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...

I've been in lifting weights and running since I was 16 years old, people have always wondered why I was so much stronger and faster.... WELL IT'S BECAUSE I PUT IN THE WORK... NO EXCUSES!

I highly suggest if you want real fitness advice to look up Elliot Hulse on youtube. He will tell you a bunch of stuff you do not want to hear, BUT YOU NEED TO HEAR IT.

to Hulk #751731

Don't judge anyone u don't know

to Hulk #885527

Oh shut the *** up! (STFU) Put your tiny peepee back in your pants and go back to your steroids....

What kind of troll comes on a site of product reviews and gets self-righteous over people that are obviously looking for help? It's these type of people that get off on the misery of others and making others feel worse about themselves... If that's what turns you on then go become a therapist...

Or perhaps you could just wake up tomorrow with your mouth full of shotgun and your toe on the trigger... That would fix all of YOUR self esteem issues...

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