I cannot believe they are still trying to sell this CRAP! They are feeding and making money from us gullable people who are trying to lose weight.

They are stealing from us!!!! THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK! It said it gives you energy, I used this for two months, at least, and saw no change in me, whatsoever.

They reel you in by saying all this great stuff and then charge you and arm and a leg for a placebo. They prey on the weak, those of us who are desperately trying to lose weight and willing to try anything, so they reel you in with their false claims.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lipozene Supplement.

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No product is going to "melt" fat away, there is no such thing...period. If you actually want to loose weight, contact your doctor and ask for a diet plan from them, and that means sticking to it for a life time, not a few months...its a lifestyle change.

When they say no soda, french fries, pizza, or other suck junk, thats what they mean. If you cant illiminate fat foods, sugar foods then stay fat.

Ya also have to get up off that *** and excersize, walk, run, something besides shovel food in your mouth. Ya have to also eat portions, not as much as you want.


Don't bame others for your being gullable! You can't be "reeled" in unless you allow it.

Stop being so desperate to change so you'll be more accepted. Complain about being fat? Be grateful you can eat! There are a lot of starving people around.

A few years back I was so stressed I couldn't eat or drink liquids. Oh I lost all my fat! Also almost lost my kidney function and could barely walk until things improved and ate like a maniac. Gained a few pounds but lost more.

It took two years before any weight would stick. Am I chunky again? Yup! But I can walk, no digestive problems, regained kidney function.

I don't care if I'm fat! Have no heart problems, blood pressure problems. You're not automatically unhealthy by being fat.

As a teen I did the diet pills, fainted and almost had a heart attack! Take weight loss crap and get sick, or accept yourself and have no problems!

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